Wednesday, 20 December 2017

7 Best DIY Tiles And Grout Cleaning Tips For Your Benefit

Floor tiles are important interior of any home and office. When we choose tiles for our home, we choose it passionately.

 We take care of the colour, size, finish, design etc. We purchase our favourite tiles to make our home beautiful. But the place also matters where we will fit the tiles. 

There are different tiles options for certain places like Bathroom, kitchen etc. It is not so problematic.  The problem is somewhere else. That is the cleaning of your home tiles.   

In offices regular professional cleaning is common. In homes, we often do it our own. But, we do not know the best cleaning tricks.

 Hence, we don't get the proper result. Even though, tile cleaning is easier. But grout cleaning is more difficult. Even if the tiles are sparkling, dirty grouts will cause messy look. 

Hence, you need some easy ways. We will discuss the easy tips for DIY tiles and grout cleaning.

Why is grout cleaning difficult?

The porous gap between two tiles is the grout. Soil, dirt gets into the gap. It is nearly impossible to clean every grout line and repaint them. Hence, maintenance is the first preference. 

Then clean them seldom. So, what are the easy ways to maintain and clean your home tile and grout? Let's check.

DIY Tile & Grout Cleaning Tips

1.     Firstly, we suggest sealing grout. During tile fitting you can seal the grout lines. As we already know, the grout is porous. These catch dirt, oil particles (in kitchens mainly) easily. Dirty grout gives an unclean look to your kitchen. Hence, seal the gaps to decrease the chance of getting dirty. It will help you avoid frequent cleaning.

2.     Secondly, while cleaning the tiles, try to use mild soap. Use a mild detergent and plenty of water to minimize chemical reaction of the cleaning agent.

3.     Thirdly, clean any spill or stain on tiles as soon as possible. If you leave it for long, the stain will get hard. Grout will also absorb some of it. Hence, clean it immediately.

4.     Fourthly, the bathroom tiles and grouts stain when you use any colouring agent. If you use hair colour, or some particular shampoo that stains the floor or wall. Hence, you should clean the floor with wiper and the wall with enough water to avoid hard staining.

5.     Fifthly, if you need a deep cleaning of the grout lines, we recommend an old rejected toothbrush as your weapon. Now, start your fight against stains. Though toothbrushes take much time, the process is really fruitful. It cleans the grout lines thoroughly and offers a fresh, clean look.

6.     Sixthly, you can use vinegar and water mix as a resourceful cleaner. Harsh chemical product may cause severe damage to the grout.

7.     Finally, it is not a tip but a trick. From the very beginning, follow it. Choose dark colour grouts rather than lighter one. It gives your home a pretty and fashionable look. But assures less maintenance.    

When Hire a Professional
Are you a sceptic in DIY tile and grout cleaning? Hence, do not try it your own. However, consult experts and leave the cleaning work to them.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

·         First of all, the professional, expert cleaners are well-trained, well-equipped. They efficiently clean and restore your tile, grout. The floor tiles are intended to last long. Hence, the dirt and stain decrease lifetime. It happens more when the tiles have surrounding porous grout. Therefore, hire experts to reduce your risk.

·         Bathrooms are prone to stains, bacterial attack, moulds etc. Regular domestic cleaning may not work well on it. Eventually, it may cause health hazards. Hence, professional cleaning is better for your bathroom tile.

·         The professional cleaning teams know what is suitable for your tile and grout. They use only those cleaning agents that affect your tiles least. They often prefer organic and eco-friendly products.

Find Your Cleaner

In the UK, it is difficult to find out domestic and/ or commercial tiles and grout cleaning service. Even you find one; you don't know how their expertise is.

 Hence, use your internet connection, and search for a Cleaning Service. Get the best and most reliable service near you. It's time for a fresh, new look. 

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